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Main Rules - Camping Albufeira

1) The park can be used:

a) By national and foreign citizens, provided they are in possession of any of the following documents, duly updated: Identity Card, Citizen Card or Passport.

b) By campers with their own overnight camping equipment, namely tent, caravan, motorhome and/or vehicle converted for camping purposes. It is not allowed to stay overnight without camping equipment, therefore it is not allowed to stay overnight in the open air or in passenger vehicles.

c) By campers renting accommodation belonging to the park.

d) By campers who own mobile homes installed in the park.


2) Upon admission, an entry registration will be carried out. indicating the full name of the user, the number of people who accompany him, as well as the specification of all the material that constitutes his accompaniment. All users will be identified in the computer system through their identification documents.

3) Each user (adults and children over 4 years old) is given an access card that will allow them to enter and exit the park, as well as a stay note, which must be placed in a visible place outside the tent or caravan . In the case of registration of motor vehicles and caravans, the vehicle registrations will be registered in the system, allowing automatic access from 07:00 to 00:00.

4) The use of an access card is mandatory for all campers. Failure to observe this rule may result in denial of circulation. If one of the cards is lost during the stay, the user must go to reception, report the loss and obtain a new replacement card.

5) Users must pay in full or in part for the stay on the day of arrival, and the stay must always be paid in advance.

6) The prices charged are those set out in the table posted at reception. They apply to users who hold cards publicly displayed at reception, with the holder and family member (spouse and minor children) being the only beneficiaries of this discount. To benefit from the discount, the card must be presented at check-in before payment. The presentation of cards after check-in and payment will invalidate the application of the discount. No retroactive effects. Discount cards cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions or campaigns. Cards valid only in high season, with some exceptions. See Partnerships.
Consult on our website and Facebook the partnerships as well as the conditions of each one of them.

7) The use of the park for a period of less than 24 hours always implies payment corresponding to 24 hours.

8) Visits to users installed in the park will be authorized, when presented and received at reception by these users, who must settle the fee due, requesting a document proving this payment. The authorized period of stay is strictly included between reception opening hours. The circulation of VEHICLES for visits inside the park is not allowed.

9) In exceptional and specific cases, the visit fee may not be charged, and in these cases, the visitor must leave identification at the reception while in the park.

10) Users can enter the park at any time, day or night, however, they cannot use any vehicles during the quiet period, between 00:00 and 07:00. During this period, strict silence must be observed.

11) Any vehicle that is not registered will not be able to enter or circulate in the park. Vehicles that are not registered and found inside the park will pay for their stay, from the date their owner enters the park.

12) All vehicles already registered at reception and arriving after 00.00 hours parking outside the entrance control, remain subject to payment of the fee, and the camper cannot demand a refund of fees or guaranteed parking.

13) Vehicles that are not registered at reception must be left in the car parks outside the park.

The Rules of Procedure are available at the park reception for consultation.

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